Scrumbles Merry Woofmas Advent Calendar for Dogs




The Scrumbles Merry Woofmas Advent Calendar for Dogs is full of tasty and beneficial dog treats. Managing your dog’s dental health and keeping your pet stress-free is essential for a happy and healthy pup.

This Advent Calendar contains functional treats to help with both of these issues:

  • Nibbles: It’s easy to get over-excited during the festive season. These turkey nibbles with slippery elm are baked with calming ingredients including lemon balm and chamomile to tickle taste buds and help keep your pooch relaxed in the run up to the big day. Full of healthy ingredients with no added sugars or salt, lovingly made by hand and gently baked in eco ovens.
  • Gnashers: Enjoy mini versions of the canine dental chews, with active ingredients to fight plaque. These low calorie dog treats are just the thing to keep your dog’s gnashers gleaming and their tummies happy.
  • Meaty Bites: Packed full of chicken, these meaty bites are irresistibly tasty.

    Digestive Health – As well as including gut friendly ingredients, we exclude common allergens like gluten, grain, eggs and dairy.

    Eco Friendly – Scrumbles is committed to doing well by our pets and planet by using eco packaging. You can recycle the tray and the cardboard sleeves.

    Multi Purpose – The mini treats are perfect for puppy training or to help your pup get in the festive spirit. They also make a great early Christmas present for your four-legged friend.

    Functional benefits – Nibbles baked with chamomile and lemon balm help to soothe pups. Gnashers are baked to a crispy crunch to tackle those hard-to-reach teeth.


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