Puppy Recipes 12 x 400g Multipack


Got an excitable, hungry pup in your life? That’s where we come in.

Introducing our special Pup’s Pick assortment, tailored just for the youngsters to give them the optimal head start. These two nutritionally complete recipes are packed with everything your little rascal needs to grow up strong and ready to conquer countless puddles (apologies to your cream carpet).

Inside this bundle, you’ll find:

6 x Chicken Delight (400g)
6 x Turkey & Duck Feast (400g)

First in line is our Turkey & Duck Feast. This delectable supper is brimming with freshly prepared turkey and duck, complemented by the goodness of sweet potato (a fantastic source of dietary fibre), pumpkin (loaded with vitamin A), salmon oil (a secret for maintaining a lustrous coat), and more.

Next, we have our Chicken Delight. Crafted with the finest fresh meat, this meal features potatoes (rich in potassium for overall health), carrots (packed with beta-carotene to support those peepers), salmon oil, and a careful selection of vital vitamins and minerals.

Give your pup the finest culinary start with this specially curated selection box. They’ll be bounding through puddles in no time (apologies again to your cream carpet).


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