Extra large grey human sized dog bed. Ideal for anxious dogs. Orthopaedic XL.




THE BED THAT HUGS YOU AND YOUR DOG BACK – Experience the Ultimate Bonding Bed for You and Your Dog –

✔ LUXURIOUS & COZY: Crafted from plush cotton fleece and soft suede, our human-sized dog bed offers exceptional comfort and snugness, perfect for you and your furry friend to unwind together.

✔ STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF: Filled with 3D high-density orthopedic sponge and PP cotton, this bed delivers superb joint and bone support, safeguards your dog’s spine, and enables them to relax in any position. The massaging hugging sensation alleviates anxiety and encourages relaxation.

✔ EASY TO CLEAN: Featuring a removable and washable cover, our dog bed ensures your pet’s sleeping area remains fresh and spotless. The secure, hidden zipper prevents your dog from chewing through it, providing added durability.

✔ NON-SLIP & STABLE: The anti-skid base keeps the bed firmly in place on hardwood or tiled surfaces, preventing any movement even with the liveliest of dogs.

✔ WATER-RESISTANT PROTECTION: Our bed’s water-resistant cover shields against spills and accidents, wrapping the sponge in all directions for optimal protection and longevity.


Main material:

Long Fur, Polyester, Foam

Product Size:

170*90 cm / 66.9* 35.4 in

Please Notes:

-Due to the size of the product, we will be shipping it in two separate packages. Please make sure to inspect and accept both packages when they arrive.

-Slight variations in sizing may occur between products, as the bed is handmade from soft, non-rigid materials.


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