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Whether your dog is racing through fields or on a search and rescue mission, our Active Working dog food will give them the fuel they need to stay energised all day. Choose Active Working and give your working dog the best in terms of nutrition.

This Burns Active Working – Chicken & Rice dry dog food can be the ideal option for active or working dogs that spend their days racing through fields or on search and rescue missions – no matter your dog’s reason for being active, this wholesome diet will provide the high levels of fuel needed to keep your dog energised throughout its day.
Tasty Burns Active Working – Chicken & Rice uses a hypoallergenic recipe that is free from wheat, soya, beef and dairy, all of which can be troublesome to a sensitive digestive system. It contains higher levels of protein and fat than standard dog foods, to allow for the increased energy need, as well as being enriched with vital nutrients, without containing unnecessary additives that can cause problems in the canine system. Burns Active Working- Chicken & Rice is made with only natural ingredients, with no artificial colourings or preservatives.
As well as being an economical choice for nourishing your dog, Burns Active Working – Chicken & Rice also offers key benefits such as omega 3 for healthy brain function and a highly-digestible recipe to ensure optimum stool quality and quantity.

Burns Active Working – Chicken & Rice at a glance:

  • Complete dry food for active or working dogs
  • With increased calories to allow for the higher energy needs of active dogs
  • For active dogs: with higher levels of protein and fat than standard dog food, to keep your dog active throughout the day
  • Natural: made using on the finest natural ingredients and no troublesome ingredients such as wheat, soya, dairy or beef
  • Beneficial: contains all the nutrients your active dog needs to stay healthy and active, as well as being enriched with omega 3 fatty acids for brain function and glossy coat
  • Highly digestible: this also makes it very economical, and ensures minimal stool production
  • Free from artificial colours and preservatives

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